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Your data is owned by corporations

Your online identities are owned by corporations. On top of data locked in silos, Web2 platforms have founded their advertising business model on aggregating information about users. Social media are mostly associated with this trend, but they represent only a narrow part of bigger data ownership problem. That’s how most online services worked until now, because with the emergence of Bitcoin things are changing for your benefit.

Platforms own you data
Decentralized identity screen

Take back ownership of your data

Veles is a self-sovereign digital identity wallet which gives you the full ownership of your cryptographic keys, and total control over who and how can access your data. Veles helps you aggregate, analyze, and monetize your data, on Bitcoin blockchain.

Decentralized identity

With decentralized identity you have control and ownership over your online identity. To ensure security and immutability of your data Veles uses Bitcoin blockchain. On top of that you can issue all types of Verifiable Credentials and tokenize your data.

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Verifiable Credentials screen
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Tokenize your data

Veles Wallet provides tools to turn your data into working asset. We research and develop new ways for monetizing your data with respect to privacy. You decide whether to voluntarily share portions of your data with research institutions.